Supervision and Monitoring System

Perfection can only be achieved by a systematic supervision and proper recording. In NEST, we have arranged various stages of supervision, inspection, monitoring and recording system depending on the strength of the post, nature of duty desired by the client and the modus operand, planned by the Head Quarter to meet the above requirements. The details are as follows:

Field Supervision:
Depending on the strength of the post and the nature of duty, we suggest to our clients to employ guard supervisors/guard commanders to supervise the guards on duty. The supervisor’s duty is to ensure that the guards perform duty properly and remain alert. Usually the guard supervisors do shift duties along with the guards. The guard supervisor’s duty includes maintenance of duty roster and post register in the post, visitor’s record, any special instruction from the authority etc. He is also responsible to the Security Inspectors for reporting any incident/occurrence.

Area Level Supervision:
We have divided Dhaka city into various areas for our operational purpose. Each area is under a Security Inspector who co-ordinates all operational activities of his area. He also maintain liaison with the clients and pay regular visit to the posts. During his visit to a post he has to check the guards, listen to the post supervisor (if posted), and sign and write his remark on the post register, on return from inspection, he has to discuss the irregularities with the NEST authority and record his observations in the inspection register.

Managers’ Inspection:
Manager inspects the posts depending on the importance of the post and prevailing security situation.

Surprise Checking:
It is carried out by the duty officer without any prior notice. Sometimes the Directors and the MD visit the sensitive and important posts to keep themselves abreast with the actual situation on the ground. We also carry out surprise checking as an immediate response to the client’s complaining.

Night Checking:
NEST Headquarters arranges night checking everyday by the duty inspectors. The duty roster for night checking is planned by the office.

Since ours is a service company, we have a round the clock monitoring system in our Headquarter. We have duty inspector at night with a number of telephones. He has specific instruction to contact the MD in case of emergency. At night, we always have stand by vehicles with driver at NEST Headquarter and number of reserve guards to meet unforeseen situations.

Control Room:
NEST control room functions round the clock 365 days of the year and staffed by a duty personnel, who remains in communication with the posts through a network of telephone and mobile phone.

Respond to Security Threats :
We have a Control Room operating round the clock and also have stand by reserve force on wheels to cater to any unforeseen situation. Emergencies will be tackled by the deployed personnel as per the Standing Operation Procedure of the building with assistance from NEST Head Office. However, in case of a security threat following are our actions:

Our personnel will be informing of the threat and alerted.
Depending on the threat level, deployment will be increase.
Access control to be strengthened and visitor entry will be restricted.
Liaison with RAB & Police by NEST Head Office.
Hourly contact from Head Office will be made to know the situation.
Incase of necessity, supervisory level staff will be sent to posts in towns where we don’t have any establishment.

Strategy for 24 Hours Liaison:
We have Area Security Inspectors responsible for a particular geographical area. He is responsible to maintain liaison with clients. It is routine phenomenon of him to maintain liaison with the concerned Law Enforcing Agencies. He is also responsible to contact with Fire Service and Hospitals in case of necessity. In case of emergency, he will seek help form the NEST Control Room. NEST Head Office maintains regular liaison with RAB, Police, Ambulance Services, Fire Services, Fire Services, Hospitals and Meteorological Department.

Following may be noted:
Our contact persons as mentioned earlier are available round the clock.
Our control operates round the clock and a duty Inspector is on duty during off hours.
We maintain regular contact with Law enforcing agencies.
As and when necessary based on client requirement, we will be able to liaise with the concerned departments.

Complimentary Services

  • SMS Security Alert/Notifications.
  • Customer Response/Information Updates.
  • Incident Report.
  • Monitoring the Quality by Patrolling.
  • On Job Training for Skill Development.
  • Regular Job Rostering.
  • Employee’s Verification.

Consultancy and Training


  • Risk Analysis.
  • Fire Safety Survey.
  • Crime Scene Protection and Investigation.
  • Background Verification.
  • Weekly and Monthly Security Situational Report.


  • Corporate Security Management.
  • Fire Safety and Fire Fighting.
  • Occupational Safety and Health.
  • General Industry and Constructional Area Safety.
  • Security Management During Emergency.
  • Building Evacuation in Emergencies.
  • Training in Co-ordination with “Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense”.


  • Military Grade (Battle Tested) Real Life Self Defense,
  • Safety, Security and Awareness against any Street Attack single/multiple,
  • Assault,
  • Kidnapping,
  • Sexual Assault/Rape,
  • Grounded or Crowd situation with or without any Weapons regardless of the Attacker’s Strength and Size.


  • Front Desk Receptionist.
  • Peons / Messenger.
  • Tea Boy.
  • Cleaners
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Pest Control.

Fire Safety & Fire Fighting Equipment Services


  • GSM Module Detector.
  • Seismic Detector.
  • Glass Break Detector.
  • Magnetic Control Door Sensor.
  • IR Beam Sensor.
  • Panic Button Module.


  • Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel.
  • Photoelectric Smoke Detector.
  • Heat Detector.
  • Gas Detector.
  • Manual Call Point Break Glass.


  • Fire Sprinkler System.
  • Fire Hydrant System.
  • Fire Pump.
  • Hose Pipe.
  • Fire Hydrant Accessories and Spare Parts.


  • Manual Fire Extinguisher.
  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher.
  • CO
  • Fire Extinguisher Ball.
  • Fire Extinguisher Accessories/Spar Parts.


  • Breathing Apparatus.
  • Fire Suit.
  • Safety Jacket.
  • Safety Boot.
  • Helmet
  • Earphone
  • First Aid Box.
  • Safety Marking Tape.
  • Fire Blanket.

Electronic Security & Surveillance Equipment Services


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Surveillance System.
  • Thermal Surveillance System.
  • PTZ/Motion Detection Surveillance System.
  • IP Based Surveillance System.
  • HD Surveillance System.
  • Analog Surveillance System.


  • Walk Through Metal Detector.
  • Handheld Metal Detector.
  • Vehicle under Checking Mirror.
  • Bag Scanner (X – Ray Machine).
  • Car Barrier.


  • Time Attendance.
  • Door Access Control Device.

Manpower Based Security Services

  • Security Guard (Male/Female).
  • Security Head Guard.
  • Personnel Bodyguard.
  • Armed Guard.
  • Security Supervisor.
  • Security Inspector.
  • Security Officer.



  • Protocol/ Escort Services.
  • Honda Checker/Inspector.